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Loudness Control & Standardization for Broadcasting
Broadcaster, February 2013

New rules are in force for measuring and controlling loudness levels in television, specifically variations in loudness between television programs and commercials.


Focusing on the Speaker—not the Loudspeaker
Technologies for Worship, January 2013

TiMax technology enables a listener to localize a performer's voice to within 6 inches in any direction—exactly what's needed to keep attention focused on the speaker, not the loudspeakers.


TiMax2 and Interactive Outdoor Theatre
Theatre Design & Technology, Fall 2012

Immersive-interactive theatre is propelled by our unique sound design using TiMax technology, for The Wharf at York, part of the Redpath Waterfront Festival's 1812 bicentennial celebration.


The Glittering Net
Lighting & Sound America, March 2012

DAE's production of the Opening Ceremony at the 2011 Arab Games included the first-ever integration of video projection with an LED audience net—55,000 LEDs installed in the seating turned the entire stadium seating bowl into a display surface.


Leap Year and Drop Frame Timecode
Post, March 2012

In the concept of leap year lies the the essence of drop-frame timecode. They each embody a similar ingenious approach to the problem of reconciling different time bases.


A Concert Hall of One's Own
Lighting & Sound America, February 2012

Acousticians, architects, and designers join music director Kent Nagano of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra to give us a behind-the-scenes tour of Montreal's new sonic jewel.


Sound Systems for Jazz
Lighting & Sound America, September 2011

An in-depth look at sound for the Montreal International Jazz Festival—the largest ongoing festival of its kind in the world—supplied by Meyer Sound and Solotech.


Innovation in Performance Sound at The Shaw Festival
Lighting & Sound America, August 2011

For My Fair Lady, a novel approach to the amplification of musical instruments using aluminum foam microphone baffles yields unexpected results.


Mic Cable Wiring 101
Broadcaster, February 2011

Should the ground lug on an XLR-type connector be connected to pin-1 or not? AES Fellow and Life Member Neil Muncy brings a wealth of historical perspective to answer this thorny question.


Optocore at Viva ELVIS
Lighting & Sound America, October 2010

Viva Elvis uses the largest Optocore dual redundant single ring network ever installed: the 21 network devices handle 504 audio inputs and 776 outputs.

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