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1   Link   Audio Books and Music from Post Toronto
Post Toronto has re-published Philip Giddings' classic reference text Audio Systems Design and Installation at an affordable price as a service to audio pros worldwide, since used copies continue to be listed on and for up to $700, and occasionally even higher.
2   Link   Sound Design Devices
Sound Design Devices provides design services and technology to the exhibit industry, including innovative show control and audio localization technology from TiMax and MIDI Solutions.
3   Link   Catherine Bacque
Singer-songwriter Catherine Bacque's website.
4   Link   Engineering Harmonics
Engineering Harmonics is the world's leading audio-visual consulting firm for concert halls, opera houses, multi-purpose theatres, boardrooms, lecture halls, casinos and sports facilities. Their impressive list of projects spans the globe. Associated Buzz Creative provides publicity and editorial services.
5   Link   John Evans Productions
Dora Mavor Moore award -winning actor John Evans has worked extensively in theatres across Canada and internationally as producer, director and actor. As event producer/director, his corporate clients include IBM Canada, Shell Oil, Kellogg Salada, Colgate Palmolive, Electrolux, and Bata Shoes. John also presents a seminar called Stage Presence, applying theatre techniques to business presenters. He gives special sessions to The Ontario Young Lawyers Association and the Conflict Consensus Institute. John is the signature voice for Alliance Atlantis' History Television.
6   Link   Alain Caron Online
Canada's preeminent virtuoso bassist Alain Caron's unmatched style on the 6-string fretless bass marks him as its premier practitioner in the world, as evidenced by his 10 albums with the award-winning trio UZEB, 7 solo albums, and 4 CD collaborations. Alain's 1997 album Play was hailed as one of the 10 best bass albums of the decade by Bass Player magazine. Alain Caron joined Catherine Bacque on her debut CD EP Letting Go, produced by Associated Buzz Creative producer Alan Hardiman.
7   Link   IMDB
The Internet Movie Database, the web's one-stop resource for information about movies and TV shows.
8   Link   21 Minute Film School
Have you ever had a desire to make a movie? If so, set 21 minutes of your hectic life aside, and let Raindance's Elliot Grove show you how.
9   Link   Pro Tools Expert
Pro Tools Expert is a central resource for tips, tricks, fixes, product news, reviews, and videos relating to Pro Tools and associated Plugins.