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Associated Buzz Creative

"With materials of limited quality to work with, our producer Alan Hardiman of ABC Buzz Creative has created the proverbial 'silk purse out of a sow’s ear.'  His patience, perseverance, skill, talent and just plain magic have yielded a product which the Society and its members can be proud of."  (John Hodge, Georgian Bay Osprey Society)

"The Toronto section of the Audio Engineering Society engaged Alan Hardiman to produce a video that required not only excellent production values, but also an ability to engage the participants in the video and get them to tell their stories in a natural way. The product we received exceeded our goals and has enhanced the profile of our organization and the work we do, and this is due to the exceptional work done by Alan and his team at Associated Buzz Creative ." (Earl McCluskie, Treasurer & Event Coordinator, AES Toronto Section)

"If you are a speaker like me and need to do a demo video, want to record your presentations, or need creative editing work, Alan is the go-to expert in this area. Alan came highly recommended to me through a colleague. But I did not expect such commitment and creativity. I always felt like my video was in good hands even when we hit some speed bumps. The finished products speaks for itself. Thanks Alan!"  (Daneal Charney, Founder, Leadership Reframed)

"Thank you for a great job on the soundscape for Yaroslaw's Treasure on the Blue Butterfly website! Fantastic! I had been wondering what you could do for sound for my book. Well you guys blew me away! The result is fantastic! What can I say—Excellent! Thank you, thank you, thank you! " (Myroslav Petriw, Author, Yaroslaw's Treasure)

"You gave me more than I thought I was going to get. You made me look like a very good producer." (John Evans, John Evans Productions)

"The soundscapes sound great! You're doing a perfect job." (Bonnie Kirkland Landry, Producer, Northern Spy Productions)

"Very impressive work!" (David Deeley, Manager Campaign Communications, Bridgepoint Health Foundation)

"Thank you one more time for the beautiful mastering you did on the music of MR Quartet." (Mark Meitine, MR Quartet)

"I had a great time working with you and really appreciated your talent and tireless commitment." (Evelyn Purcell, Director, Borderline)

"Since Alan Hardiman took over as the sole sound mixer for this World Class series, we have realized a level of efficiency and quality of sound heretofore unknown at TVO. Alan's extensive knowledge of the equipment, his wide experience, good production instincts, solid educational background, and effervescent personality make him my first choice sound expert." (Stuart Beecroft, Producer, The Global Family, TV Ontario)

"Alan has an incredible wealth of knowledge about all things audio, whether it be the design of electronic circuits, getting a true centre channel image, awareness of the pros and cons of different post production software packages, or working effectively with directors and producers. Alan always seems to be ahead of the curve." (Philip Giddings, P.Eng., President, Engineering Harmonics, Inc.)

“As a director of sales and marketing in the pro audio industry for over three decades, I’ve worked with many people associated with both manufacturers as well as industry publications who share the one goal—the quest for creating exceptional communications as it relates to establishing the understanding of a concept or a ‘thing'. The best in the field understand the alchemy of product, people and the catalytic genius required to attain something worth telling people about. Alan Hardiman far better than most understands those factors, resulting in a finished correspondence that has layers and depth—regardless of whether it’s a song, a movie, a concept or a finished, tactile product. His balance of fact and insight result in a final product of quality and credibility that’s both innovative and timeless."  (Bill Coons, Director, Contact Distribution, Optocore North America)